Improving the Lives of LGBT Older Adults

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“…Myths about LGBT persons have long been an obstacle to justice. Even as our society has overcome some damaging stereotypes, other myths linger and hold back progress. Importantly, the report notes the mistaken belief that “LGBT people are more affluent than other Americans.”


In fact, a lack of financial security is the fearful reality for a large percentage of LGBT older adults. This report makes a thoughtful and nuanced contribution to the public policy dialogue through its depiction of issues involving financial security, health and health care, and social and community support. The report provides depth to a steadily growing pool of information.


The special challenges facing many LGBT older adults must be kept in mind. Whether it’s the problem of aging in isolation or the treatment of residents in institutionalized settings or other issues, many LGBT older adults often face special challenges. This report can help government and nonprofit organizations address some of those challenges.


From a holistic perspective, the report makes it clear that LGBT individuals and the LGBT community at-large have a major role to play in determining the degree to which policy and advocacy issues that affect LGBT older adults are given appropriate consideration. Advocacy with and on behalf of LGBT older people will make a significant difference…”


Fonte: http://www.lgbtmap.org/file/improving-the-lives-of-lgbt-older-adults.pdf


Date insert: Segunda, 26 Janeiro 2015